What does HERO PM offer property managers?

With a Cheesecake Factory-sized menu of features, property managers come to HERO PM for a trillion reasons.  All of them walk away with a High Efficiency Rental Office.

Is it a website solution?  Yes.  An accounting solution?  Yes.  A marketing solution? Yes.  An application and screening solution?  Yes.  A document management solution?  Yes.  A business management solution?  Yes.  A maintenance management solution? Yes. A project management solution? Yes. It is for long-term management? Yes. For short-term management? Yes. HERO PM is all of that, and a ton more.  It's our mission to look at everything a property manager needs to make their business more efficient, and then provide them with a simple, cost-effective solution to meet that need.

You can read on for details on all the HERO PM features, but many people just want the highlights.  Here they are:

Company Websites Icon

Company Websites

Starting with a platform that provides rental-specific functionality, simple editing, and SEO-awesomeness, we build mind-blowing websites for property management companies.  Nobody has built more, and nobody provides as much power and value in a single package.

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Listings Marketing

The place where owners, tenants, and guests meet a property manager usually happens at the listing.  HERO PM's system is out-of-this-world.  With the largest syndication network, built-in videos, text response, lead tracking, and a treasure-trove of other features, this is the solution for property managers who want super performance with minimal effort.

Applications and Bookings Icon

Applications and Bookings

For long-term management, accept rental applications from prospective tenants online. Fully control the configuration of your online application. Accept application fees with online payments.

For short-term management, allow your prospective guests to book online, directly with you or with an integrated channel partner. Accept booking deposits with online payments.

Property Inspections Icon

Property Inspections

Perform unlimited inspections with unlimited inspectors on a tablet-based, fully integrated, app. Inspections dynamically and automatically include all rooms, areas, and items in each unit. Track conditions, damages, repairs, and costs. Take, and permanently store, unlimited photos and videos.

Trust Accounting Icon

Trust Accounting

Keep the books with fully integrated trust accounting that is just plain smart, and easy to use. Powerful and flexible configuration options make the accounting system work the way you work. It's all included, from integrated payments to recurring charges and bills to invoice management to tax statements, and everything in between.

Agreements Icon


Create and manage all your management, lease, reservation, and services agreements, addendums, and notices easily and powerfully. Never miss a renewal, a fee, the expiration of an insurance policy, or anything else that's a part of your agreement. Tightly integrate agreement fees and rates with your accounting. Allow parties to electronically sign agreements and notices online.

CRM Icon


Take property management text and email messaging to the next level. Engage with prospects and people you do business with using powerful, unified communication features. Create campaigns that automatically run to capture prospects. Easily notify anyone of anything with powerful structured text and email templates with flexible configuration. Keep track of every email, text message, and phone conversation all in one place.

Calendar Icon


Collaboratively manage everything on your team's calendar all in one place, including automatically added items like showings, move-ins/check-ins, renewals, and work orders. Track your team's work schedule and activities. Easily send and track appointment confirmations.

Projects & Activities Icon

Projects & Activities

Powerful project and task management ensures nothing ever slips through the cracks. Manage your time well and cover all the bases with things like related tasks, priorty, importance, and people involved and busy. Includes time track and bill tracking and reporting. Inspired by the GTD® system for getting things done.

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Documents & Files

Easily manage and automatically organize every document and file for everyone. Never misplace a file again. Create letters and notices with powerful custom templates. Provide owners, tenants, guests, and vendors with easy access to view, download, and organize documents you assign to them. Based on Dublin Core™ for enterprise-grade management and archival.

Maintenance Icon


The most powerful CMMS for residential property managers. Easily collect work requests and generate work orders. Select vendors based on automatically-calculated time and budget performance. Track routine maintenance like fire protection inspection and filter replacement to automatically invoke maintenance according to scheduled intervals. Allow owners to electronically sign acceptance of over-limit work. Easily record and pay invoices. Basically, it's everything you ever dreamed of in a maintenance system to simplify your life.


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